Top 5: Logos by Women

Women Designers in the past have created internationally recognised branding. It is time again for female designers to step into the spotlight! Let’s showcase some of the incredible talents in the logo design industry.

A well-crafted logo can be the crown of a strong brand identity,
A well-crafted logo can be the jewel in the crown of a strong brand identity, It captures the essence of a brand in a few small forms or letters and can often be tricky, yet it can take hundreds of hours of painstaking craft before it reaches its final shape. A logo can appear countless times during its lifetime on a wide range of applications from digital to print, including 3D printing, while also appearing in black and white or colour.

There have been many iconic logos designed by women throughout history. Some of these have been used by many around the globe to represent powerful brands. The examples listed below are a selection that I felt was powerful over the years.

#1: 1925: Chanel logo by Coco Chanel

Chanel is a brand that is adored by female fashion fans from Paris to New York. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed the timeless, black and white, Chanel logo in 1925. Coco Chanel wasn’t a graphic designer by trade. However, she did have an impeccable eye for fashion design.

It can definitely be said that Chanel changed the Industry with her simplistic logo design. Many believe that the Chanel CC logo was based on Coco and her co-founder Arthur Capel’s initials. There is debate surrounding this as some Chanel followers argue that it was inspired by Château Crémat. Coco Chanel grew up by a Château Crémat in Nice and it can be argued that the design was inspired by the stained glass at the Château.

#2: Carolyn Davidson – Nike logo (1971)

Some of the world’s most recognisable logo designs have been designed by women. Female designers need to be reminded that they are certainly a strong influence in the design industry.

Carolyn Davidson designed the famous Nike “Swoosh” back in 1971 and at the time she was a graphic design student. At the time Carolyn was only looking to earn some extra cash and could never have imagined its success. Business Logo Designer, Repeat Logo, has graced the Nike logo in their list of top ten corporate logos ever! They stated that the “The Nike “swoosh” represents the movement of a runner as they jump off the ground.”

Once Carolyn Davidson graduated she continued her work in design as a freelance designer. Initially, Carolyn was paid $35 for her work on the Nike logo! Since then she has been given shares in the brand that are now worth $1 million.

#3: Marina Willer – Tate logo (2000)

Marina Willer the creative director behind the Tate brand identity development with chairman Brian Boylan at Wolff Olins. The most frequent styles of the logo come in either standard, blurred, faded and halftone, which appears to fade in and out focus. Having developed a dynamic brand logo back in 2000 was very much ahead of the times.

#4: Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen – Whitney Museum logo(2013)

Stolk Brinkers and Dungen of Experimental Jetset worked together on this project. ‘Responsive,’ it has the easily distinguishable ‘W’ the even when used in certain other applications.

#5: Georgia Fendley of Construct – Hill and Friends logo (2015)

Very much a quirky design with added personality is the opposite of what is considered the norm in the fashion industry. Having a smiley face in place of where the bag closes and in which the eyes have metal screws rotate through. Adds a little touch of humour in a quirky manner.


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