10 reasons against any Logo Generator

Building The Logo Pros was our mission when we found that the internet was inundated with the self-called logo AI’s or a “so famous” logo generator. The amazing feeling of having a logo created in seconds that will be just as you thought may end up with a huge frustration and several hundred dollars less in your pocket.

If you’re looking to find 10 good reasons to buy a logo with an AI, this is not the place. We strongly advise you not to do so!

1. Logo Generators like LogoJoy and Tailor Brands are not pure AI

Logo Generator

Aha! That’s the fact. Logojoy (one of the most known logo bots) clearly states in their homepage: “Use our AI-powered logo maker…”. They proclaim to use AI and to have Data Scientists in their team, but why would that mean it’s AI? Unfortunately, AI is quite a broad concept and companies use marketing techniques to make users believe they are using powerful tools. In essence, these generators use just large libraries of stock icons and combine those icons with the keywords input and other input you may provide.

It’s just as if you’d ask a kid to search for an icon in the very same stock library and then ask him to find a font that you’d love. And voila, that’s your logo.

Design is branding, is art, is marketing! And even though I’m very supportive of REAL AI, branding is far away from something an AI can do for you. At The Logo Pros, we’ll treat your brand like our child and provide you with the logo design of your dreams.

2. Logo bots use Stock Symbols that anyone can copy

Free Icons

Most logo bots huge large symbols libraries of over 100 thousand symbols. Still, these are freely available on the web and there are very high odds that you’ll find other companies in the same niche of your company using the exact same symbols.

Let’s say that you spend 100$ buying a logo with Logo Joy, then you print it on 100 of your products with a custom packaging worth 1000$, you put it in big billboards and leaflets worth another 1.000$. Some days later you find another company using the exact same icon and you discover people mixing the 2 brands. Amazing! You’ve just lost 2.200$. 🙁

3. You may end up not able to trademark your logo

Submitting a logo for a trademark can cost from 200$ to over 1000$, depending on the region you’re applying. If your logo contains an icon from a free library it can certainly mean that other people may already be using it and they may already have trademarked it, even if they shouldn’t. Therefore, avoid lawsuits like these by making sure your logo can be trademarked.

4. They may not understand some characters of your brand

bug LogoJoy

Some words may have specific characters that those robots “powered by strong AI’s ” won’t be able to identify. You will end up with half a logo sometimes.

For instance, one of our client’s tried to make their logo on a logo bot and were pretty unsuccessful. Their company name is “Richard’s” and for some reason, the data scientists from that logo bot weren’t able to identify the apostrophe. They came to us and we’ve built a logo we’re quite proud of.

5. Your generated brand won’t be a result of hours of study, work and industry comparison

As mentioned in our previous article, we do study your brand, your customers, your industry competitors and the way you’re going to promote your products or services. This will help you tremendously in selling whatever you are selling. While if you are making your logo through a logo bot, you’ll end up with something generated the exact same way for thousands of customers. It’s like buying a Rolls Royce vs buying a Fiat.

6. Your time is precious

Bug Logo Generator

Your time is quite precious. Several of these logo makers are full of bugs. Hundreds of customers complain of having their logo’s simply lost because of an error in the logo bot script. Some even spent hours making their logo and their projects got completely blank. If you value your time, don’t lose your time.

7. No Phone Support

It’s quite often that you’ll buy a logo through the logo generators and receive a file containing anything. Lucky you! And there’s no phone support, no one you can call to tell you’re having a problem that needs to be sorted urgently. And if you were going to use that project to present to anyone, you’d be screwed. Literally. At The Logo Pros, we value your input and we have a dia-free line (if you are in the United States) at 800-650-0537.

8. Amazing Track record

I hate fake statements, fake news, fake people, fake businesses, fake brands. I hate everything that’s fake. Several of these online logo makers proclaim to have millions of customers and hundreds of positive feedback. Make your due diligence before believing in those false claims. If these businesses try to deceive you with fake claims, how can you believe they will provide you even with your logo files?

9. No flexibility on positioning things

All of these logo bots are inflexible. Let’s say you want to put an image on the top left and your logo in the bottom right. You can’t. Why? Because the guys who created these logo makers want you to get a logo the way they want. In fact, they are looking to limit the number of choices you can do so that their scripts won’t break. If you hire a professional to make a logo (just like us), you can request any type of positioning and we’ll deliver.

10. Pricing in a logo generator

Expensive Logos

Some of these logo bots charge so much as 200$ for a single logo made by a bot with small human retouches. We charge even less in some of our plans. Would you ever buy a Fiat for 200$ while you can buy a Ferrari for 149$?

When making up a logo buying decision, we know that the balance between pricing and quality will define your choice. Do take into account the long term value of your brand and if saving a few bucks won’t become a bad decision for the business you care so much. Opt for professionals instead of logo generators as these aren’t yet as good as we’d want. And if you decide The Logo Pros is the right choice, we’re more than welcome to provide a brand you will love and refund if you don’t like it.

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